Learn how to make your photos have motion. Learn how to get better results with your iPhone photos with just a few adjustments. Live Photos only work with iPhones 6 Plus and later and iOS 11+. The demo was presented on an iPhone X.

Quick Step Summary:

1. After taking a live image on your iPhone, go to the image, swipe up on the image to reveal the “Effects” scrollbar for Live Photos.

2. Scroll to the right, selecting “Long Exposure.”

3. Select Edit on the upper right hand side of the screen.

4. On the bottom of the screen, choose the adjustments icon, and familiarize yourself with the light and color attributes, manipulating each subset attribute to have more control of the overall image edit.

5. Select the Crop icon. Choose the size format you’d like (in the video we selected 9:16 for an Instagram video feed).

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